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Delegation Led by Baoji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. General Manager Jia Shuanxiao Visits Chengde Tianda Vanadium Industry Co., Ltd.

Time:2019-05-31Publisher:Browsing Times:620

A team of BaojiTitanium Industry Co., Ltd., comprising General Manager Jia Shuanxiao, Directorof General Manager’s Office Chen Bing, and Director of Materials DepartmentYang Lei, paid a study visit to Chengde Tianda Vanadium Industry Co., Ltd. fromMay 18 to 19, 2019.

Led by GeneralManager Jia Shuanxiao, the team visited all the Tianda workshops to understandthe company’s equipment features and production processes. The team was accompaniedby Tianda Chairman and General Manager Wang Zhijun, Deputy General Manager FanWentao, and other executives.

The team also helda meeting with Tianda’s chairman as well as other executives and departmentheads. At the meeting, the team members were presented with a report on Tianda’sproduction and operations.

General ManagerJia Shuanxiao fully recognized Tianda’s pioneering efforts towards businessexpansion and development in the face of market pressures. He also had anin-depth discussion on the important position of titanium alloy in the country’stechnological strategy as well as the significance of intermediate alloys. Speakingon the occasion, he said, “Intermediate alloys are important additives for theproduction of titanium alloys and high-temperature alloys. They play a decisiverole in ensuring the quality of the latter two alloys. China’s vigorousdevelopment of aviation, aerospace, military, and shipbuilding industries has broughtalong both challenges and opportunities for the titanium and intermediate alloysindustry. As a good partner and supplier of Baoji, Tianda is expected to seize theseopportunities, strengthen cooperation, and endeavor to refine every detail.”

Moreover, JiaShuanxiao appreciated Tianda for its continuous provision of high-qualitymaterials. He hoped that Tianda would make continued efforts to strictly ensurequality, expand cooperation with competitive partners, and achieve win-winoutcomes.

After according awarm welcome to Jia Shuanxiao and his team, Tianda General Manager Wang Zhijun thankedBaoji Titanium Industry for being considerate towards Tianda’s development. Heespecially echoed the new ideas and concepts put forward by General ManagerJia. “As a return, Tianda will exert more efforts to promote development. Whilemaintaining the existing product quality, we will carefully research newvarieties in light of emerging market demands and provide customers with highquality products,” said Wang.

Before theirdeparture, General Manager Jia Shuanxiao and his team posed for a group photowith Tianda’s management team.

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