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Delegation Led by Chengde’s Executive Deputy Mayor Li Jinyu Visits Tianda

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A delegation offive government leaders paid a study visit to Tianda on May 29, 2019. Thedelegation comprised Standing Committee Member and Executive Deputy Mayor ofChengde Li Jinyu, Financial Bureau Director Luan Zhihong, SDIC SubsidiaryGeneral Manager Zhou Xiaoyan, Chengde County Deputy Magistrate Li Yin, and ChengdeCounty’s High-Tech Zone Administrative Committee Deputy Director Luo Fengtao. TiandaDeputy General Manager Fan Wentao, Assistant General Manager Ma Yingliang, andother executives accompanied the guests during their visit.

Led by Deputy MayorLi, the team visited different plants and workshops to fully understand Tianda’sproduction process, operations, product quality, and market conditions. Theyrecognized Tianda’s efforts towards manufacturing a variety of first-classintermediate alloys (for use with titanium alloys) that meet market demand.They commended Tianda’s production process, as it adheres to the tenet of “promotingtechnological progress through independent innovation”, regards “technology asfoundation, quality as basis, talents as core, and market as orientation”, andadopts an approach characterized by “proprietary core technology, incubation ofR&D results, continuous innovation, and scale management”. The team also laudedthe company’s humble approach towards creating economic, environmental, andsocial benefits while occupying the market demand.

Moreover, the teampointed out that it is essential for Tianda to identify favorable opportunitiescreated by the country’s overall strategy for industrial development. Based onmarket demand, Tianda should seek growth through independent innovation, winthe market by quality, and expand its business with credibility. The teammembers also said that the government attaches great importance to thedevelopment of technological enterprises, and has launched a series of measuresfor encouraging technological innovation and supporting enterprises. They said thatenterprises should leverage these favorable conditions to boost theirdevelopment.

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